Car Heating & AC Repair in Denver 80247


Your car, truck or van's air conditioner (A/C) and heater should be inspected as part of your routinely scheduled maintenance. A few warning signs of larger problems could be a noisy system when turned on, little to no air flow, uncommon smells when the system is turned on, or no hot, or cold air blowing through air vents. In some older vehicles it is normal, especially for hot air, to allow the vehicle to run for a few minutes before attempting to assess the quality of the system. If your cars air conditioning (A/C) or heater needs repair, replacement or you are just concerned it is not working optimally, Harley’s Auto Tech is here to help. 


The air conditioner in your car works similarly to your refrigerator, it uses a compressor and expansion valves as well as a radiator type system connected to fans to blow out air. Any one of these components could require a repair or full replacement at any time.  However, if your car is showing any of the above problems, it could require a coolant gas refill for you air conditioning system (A/C) to work optimally. Harley’s Auto Tech can complete a full search of your cars air conditioning to find the issue and help resolve the problem.

Your car's heater system works very similar to your cars air conditioning with the main difference being there is no coolant gas involved. Instead the heat generated by the engine is diverted causing warm air. Harley's ASE certified technicians are able to identify and address these problems quickly; ensuring you are back on the road with a car that works optimally and a personal comfort level you deserve from your mechanic.

Harley's auto tech is here to help with all of your car ac repair and heating needs in the Denver area. 


Coolant gas fill

Coolant system leak check

Condenser replacement

Evaporator replacement

AC compressor replacement

Expansion valve replacement

Blower motor replacement

Heater core replacement

Control system repair


Don’t get stuck in the heat in the Denver summers, and don’t be lost in the cold in the Denver winters. Beyond your personal comfort the environmental controls in your car may play a major factor in the continued longevity of your systems. Schedule your system evaluation today.Harley’s Autotech, Inc. is in Aurora, at 8080 E. Mississippi Avenue. We are Yelp 4.5-Star rated and hold an A+ rating with the Denver Better Business Bureau. We are open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. We are a NAPA Auto Care Center certified repair shop and offer a complimentary shuttle when needed. We have rental cars available through Hertz and Enterprise on premise if your vehicle needs to be in the shop longer than expected. We also accept all major credit cards and offer special financing.