Harley's Autotech Inc Supports A Strong Tower Ministry and Movement 5280 Organizations!

Harley of Harley's Autotech, Inc. is the father of four children total (Scott, Eric, Charlie, Nica, which is short for Bernice) and way from work, his hobbies include working/giving back to two organizations close to his heart.

'A Strong Tower' is a prison ministries that helps men when they come out of prison get jobs, get bus passes so they can get to the job interviews. It helps them get things in motion to get their life back and re-adapt with society, because when they come out of jail, they really have nothing, and most of them have a family. In 2013, A Strong Tower helped 1300 men get jobs. For more info., visit .

Another organization Harley works with is 5280, which helps Denver's at-risk youth. Says Harley, "There are so many homeless teenagers that live under bridges, on park benches, just anywhere. And these kids have given up on life. They feel yesterday was bad, today is bad, tomorrow won't change- they've lost all hope. So this organization offers them hot meals, clothing, provides a safe, warm environment-lets them know "Someone Cares." For more info, visit . At any point in time, there are over 1,100 homeless youth (ages 14-24) and over 5,000 homeless students (children attending school, but considered homeless) in the Denver-Metro area.

Helping others is something Harley deeply believes in. "People matter. Somehow today's society has gotten away from that. It's really important we bridge that gap again.: In 1976 to 1977, he and his wife, Vicki, led the junior high youth group at the Methodist Church in Parker.
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